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EMOTIPOD Arts & Emotions

with Frances and guests

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The arts help us express what it is to be human and to feel.  We need them to bring us together, tell our stories, escape, and find outlet for our emotions.  As this series has evolved, conversations have been turning more towards various emotional topics that will resonate with everyone, arty and non-arty people alike...

In series 1, I talk to all kinds of artists about their creative passions.  We dig into their skills and processes, and the emotional benefits they and their audiences derive from their craft.

Series 3, free-styling in this series - sometimes emotive and artsy, sometimes just emotive; but always a good listen.  Mostly single guests per episode this time, helping me explore various topics.

In series 2, several guests per episode, including resident psychotherapist Lisa Jones, explore mental and emotional blocks that get in the way of creativity, pleasure and success. 


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