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More about me

A few factoids:

*I'm the youngest of ten children, all musical

*I used to be a screen composer (see videos below)

*I was also a singer-songwriter (video below)

*My Ma was German, my Pa was Dutch

*I'm married to film director/producer Bill Butt

*Our son is a TV editor, our daughter a musician 

*I'm what the RHS call a 'relaxed gardener', a euphemism I'm very happy with.  

“Frances was an absolute pleasure to work with! Excellent read, quick turn around with adjustments when needed, and willing to share her wealth of knowledge. Looking forward to a continued partnership.”

– Beckett Arnold, Lions' Forge podcast

More audio clips

Lions Forge history podcast intro
A Woman Biker - autobiography
It was Mary... horror novel
Medical equipment launch
Cadburys in Birmingham
Space Station Tannoi - video game

“It has been an amazing, exhilarating and utterly joyful experience… thanks to the beautiful voice of Frances Butt. I was so fascinated by her recordings that I sat down and listened to my own book like I heard the story for the first time. Utterly smitten and spellbound…”

- Nellie Merthe Erkennbach, Riding Towards Shadows

In the booth...

Singing my own song, I Wonder, 2005
Available on iTunes

Screen composing days...

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