Emotipod: Emotions in the Arts Podcast

with Frances Butt and special guests

I teach skills in thinking and moving… but what about feeling, especially emotional feeling?  Where does that come in?  After all, we're feeling all the time...  

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Life wouldn't be much of a life without the arts.  Painting, poetry, music, movies, dance, design, you name it - they all express, in one way or another, what it is to be human and to feel. We need art to bring us together, tell our stories, channel our emotions and generally process things.   With a music, film and theatre background I was already aware of the importance of artistic expression for health; but since coronavirus robbed us all of so much access to the arts, it has never been clearer.

So, I thought it could be interesting and fun to talk to artists and creatives about their particular fields of expertise, and share our conversations. It's great to learn about people’s creative passions and connect to art in this way.

Sometimes we dig into skills and processes, sometimes we discuss the feely side of things, and some podcasts offer suggestions for exploring the medium under discussion. I hope you enjoy them as much as I'm enjoying making them!

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