Emotipod: Emotions in the Arts Podcast

with Frances and guests

I’m in the business of thinking and moving; but our emotions affect both; they’re such an important part of our cognition.

Since the dawn of man, way before therapy came along, the Arts have been where we engage with and process our feelings. I wanted to learn more about all different kinds of art; what makes them popular, and how they benefit our emotional health.


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Life wouldn't be much of a life without the arts.  Painting, poetry, music, movies, dance, design, you name it; art expresses what it is to be human and to feel. We need it - to bring us together, tell our stories, escape or find outlet for our emotions.   Particularly since coronavirus robbed us of so much access to live arts, their importance for our health has never been clearer.

I wanted to talk to artists and creatives about their areas of expertise and share our conversations.  It's lovely to learn about different people’s creative passions and connect to art in this way.

Sometimes we dig into skills and processes, sometimes we discuss the feely side of things, and some episodes offer suggestions for you to explore the medium under discussion. I hope you enjoy them as much as I’m loving making them.

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