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*you struggle with tension

*certain activities cause discomfort/undue fatigue
*you want to perform better but can't quite figure out how

*you have a chronic condition to manage…

I hear you.


*you’d like to be more relaxed and productive
*you like the idea of greater mental and physical flexibility
*you'd like support and tools for managing a chronic condition
*you are curious, and up for adventure...

you’ve come to the right place.



I have two great passions: empathic self-care and all things arts.

I’ve worn many hats and hairstyles over five decades, working in TV commercials, pop promos, wildlife film composition, singing, song-writing, screenwriting and playwriting. 


My own health issues led me to study then train to teach the Alexander Technique, and further emotional health training has completed my skillset.

Frances Butt Alexander Technique Teacher

7a Camp Road, Clifton Bristol BS8 3LW

"Lessons with Frances... have been a revelation to me. I highly recommend Frances... This is the most fun I have had in learning.  I am now a student for life.

This is a tool kit for your emotional and physical wellbeing, so... don't delay, go see Frances."   

- Ann-Marie, Nurse


The Emotipod podcast series, aimed at arts lovers, features insightful conversations with all kinds of artists focusing on the countless connections between the arts and emotions.

Series 1

celebrates the many health benefits of the arts.

Series 2 (from September 2022)

will focus on mental and emotional obstacles to creativity... if you face any, you’re not alone!

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Designed with creatives and sensitive souls in mind, the Thinking Toolbox is a set of audio downloads to listen to anytime, to bolster emotional resilience and self-acceptance, and build trust in your own creative and emotional capabilities.

  • an audio self-support package

  • boosted emotional resilience

  • boosted self-trust

  • boosted self-acceptance

  • tools for figuring things out

  • practices, useful ideas and meditations

  • over 3 hours of audio content

  • .pdf versions of all content

  • a handy emotions thesaurus e-book


The Alexander Technique is about doing less of what gets in your way (rather than adding 'correctives'), which means doing everything with more success but less effort. 


It goes against many widely-held beliefs about 'try harder' and 'no pain no gain'; but we are built to move freely.  It's a way of thinking about movement that helps you rediscover how to move easily and lightly, more like you did when you were a kid.  It’s also a way of thinking that helps you respond to everything in life in the best possible way.

If you're curious and enjoy exploring new ideas, it could be right up your street.

  • Improved performance of physical activities

  • Reduced/eliminated unnecessary tension

  • More mental and physical flexibility

  • More calm

  • Improved reasoning skills

  • Improved general health


  • any activities seem harder than they ought;

  • you wish you were less tense, stiff and tired

  • recovery from an injury isn't going as well as you'd hoped

  • a chronic condition gets in the way of your enjoying life

  • you’ve tried everything else


...perhaps I can help.