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British voice-over 

kind | intelligent | silky

"a joy to work with... exceptional

high quality and listenability"- Michelle Armitage

“a lovely voice... effortless clarity, good-sense, well-defined character and mood” - Greta Scacchi

Fiction - Drama
Fiction - Comedy
Commercial - Skechers
Commercial - WWF
4 Accents
Aynuk & Ayli
Frances Butt



Hi, I'm a Bristol-based voice over & narrator. Compassion, empathy and a love of the arts define my delivery, vocal quality as well as my interests (see podcast page). Neutral/RP British, with a range of decent accents (specialising in West Midlands & the Black Country where I grew up). 

I relish pathos, comedy & drama and non-fiction too.

If you think I could be a good fit for your project, drop me a line, I'd be delighted to hear from you.


* Fast turnaround 
* Professional home studio
* Custom demos available


Mic: sE2200    Interface: SSL2+     DAW: Logic Pro X

"…consistent professional quality… very smooth and easy to listen to, and most importantly, you understood that the narrator was a character to be played, not ‘themselves reading a book’… sounded exactly like the book sounds in my head." - L.N.Clarke

Frances Butt editing
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