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Calm, intelligent, silky

"a joy to work with... exceptional

high quality and listenability"

“a lovely voice, very crisp articulation, good instincts and intelligence”

Commercials, explainers, narration, accents 90s
Fiction 60s
Non Fiction 55s
Explainers 30s
WWF Commercial 30s
Aynuk & Ayli
Frances Butt



Compassion and empathy are good words to describe my style of delivery, my vocal quality, and also my interests (see my podcast page). I have several good accents in the cupboard (specialising in the West Midlands and Black Country, where I grew up - check out Aynuk & Ayli above); but my accent is otherwise neutral/RP.  I relish pathos, comedy and drama. 


With strong performing, editing and production skills, and a honeyed, cultured voice, I'll deliver the high quality finish your project deserves.

“just the right measure of variety in tone and pace to express the drama - perfectly judged”

Frances Butt editing
Frances Butt recording voiceover
Frances Butt preparing a book
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