what people say


“Frances is a great teacher; she creates a warm welcoming environment and allows you to comfortably explore the possibilities open to you with the Alexander Technique. I found the interaction was amazing and the results left me feeling free, and flexible leading to a calmer more confident demeanour. Thank you, Frances.”  


JC, Accounts Manager

"I couldn’t even walk across the room without it hurting “here, here and here” and within LITERALLY a minute, Frances had me thinking about moving differently and I made the same walk completely pain free!! I was stunned."


KN, Photographer

"I feel comfort, sitting at a desk, I didn't know I could feel."


KC, Business Strategist

"...just blown away by it all. I look forward to the next few months of learning how to rethink how much energy I am using to (do) simple things and how I might be able to relax more parts of my body and help them to rejuvenate and get stronger instead of getting weaker by always being in a fight position"


 VF, Craftswoman