What's Alexander Technique?

And how can you benefit?

Most people think it's "that posture thing”... but ‘posture’ implies holding or ‘fixing’ yourself, static and unmoving, and this work is different. It's not therapy, nor a series of exercises, but a different way of thinking that leads to better ways of doing things.
With it, you can learn to eliminate unnecessary tension that gets in the way of effective movement and perform all your activities more easily... and pleasurably!

Frances Butt Alexander Technique - The Benefits

It’s named after F.M. Alexander (1869-1955), who called it “a technique for the development of the control of human reaction.”  It's a collection of concepts and reasoning skills that help you you move more effectively and easily, and respond to life more effectively and easily too.  We're built to move, and Mr. Alexander put the highest value on 'movability' - flexibility of mind and body.  It's pretty 'thinky'; so if you're curious and enjoy new ideas, it could be just the thing for you.


“This seems more like ‘how to be a person’!” 

Helen - Dance Teacher

Unlike any system of exercise, here you can learn about doing less of what gets in your way, rather than adding 'corrective' actions which may sometimes only exacerbate the problem. This means you get more success with less effort.  Who wouldn't want such a common-sense skillset?  Yet it goes against many widely-held beliefs about the value and necessity of 'try harder' and 'no pain no gain', as well as against underlying and limiting personal beliefs.

Perhaps your recovery from an injury isn't going as well as you'd hoped.* Perhaps you’ve tried all kinds of therapies and/or exercise regimes to find a solution, you still have the problem, you’re understandably frustrated and are looking for an alternative. 


...Perhaps I can help.

Perhaps things have even got so bad that you find yourself staring at nothing but a future of deterioration in the face. 

I know all too well what that feels like. 

...I can definitely help here.

Are you living with a life-limiting chronic condition?

...me too!


Maybe you'd simply like to find a way to improve at some activities, e.g. music, sports, or gardening.


...I'd be happy to explore that with you.

What is the Interactive Teaching Method (ITM) of teaching the Alexander Technique?


I was trained by the late great Don Weed D.C. in the ITM, which he developed.  One of his books is called What You Think Is What You Get, and that kind of says it all; the way you think determines the way you move.  An ITM teacher interacts with you using hands-on techniques as well as discussion to help you figure things out for yourself and build new thinking and moving skills.  You are of course also welcome to study Alexander’s concepts and principles for yourself.

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A teacher is there to help you learn, giving you control and responsibility for your own journey.  By the way, you can improve no matter how old you are.  Please believe me, when life appears to promise nothing but deterioration, this is seriously good news.  For some time now, neuroscience has been confirming what Alexander wrote 100 years ago; that there need be no age limit for improvement, given the right 'tools'. I can't promise a cure for arthritis - I wish!  AT can't do that; but it's immensely helpful with managing and ameliorating chronic conditions, helping you get the very best possible out of life.

What are the benefits?

The process may not always look like much 'from the outside', but it often leads to extraordinary changes in mind and body.  People who learn this work often report increases in lightness, energy, more ease and pleasure in movement, more calm control over their responses, improved reasoning skills, and a general sense of wellbeing.  

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What does the Alexander Technique help with?

  • Performing any physical activity

  • Reducing or eliminating unnecessary tension

  • More calm

  • Improving reasoning skills

  • Mental and physical flexibility

  • General health

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I can help. 

Allow me to help you to work out what your obstacles are and learn reason out solutions for yourself and experience real, lasting, continual improvement.


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*The Alexander Technique can - indirectly - improve your general wellbeing and bring great health benefits,

but please, ALWAYS seek primary healthcare for medical issues first.