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The thinking toolbox

The Thinking Toolbox

Hello and welcome to the Thinking Toolbox

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An audio self-support package, for help with regulating emotions, cultivating self-trust & self-acceptance, & offering space for creative inspiration. 

Concepts, practices & meditations and an emotions thesaurus, to use anytime, anywhere, to boost morale and resilience.*

WHAT'S IN THE BOX? 3 smaller boxes!

1. The Ideas Box

Useful, illuminating mind/body concepts you'll want to listen through more than once...


The Energy Budget
Electrobiochemical Soup
Thought Warp
Expanding Vocabulary
About Healthy Boundaries
You and Your Shadow

2 The Practices Box

Quick, easy, effective mental health self-support practices you can adapt to suit your own needs.


1. Grounding
2. Boundaries
3. Get Curious
4. Let It Out
5. Rewrite the Script
6. Get Thankful
7. Recharge

3 The Meditations Box

4 voice-guided meditations to calm, comfort, restore and inspire; plus 4 music-only versions for meditational focus.

Step Into Space
Space to Create
Mental Self-Acceptance
Physical Self-Acceptance
Drone 1
Drone 2
Drone 3
Drone 4


Use this to help you nail exactly what it is you're feeling. Expanding your emotional vocabulary, or 'increasing your emotional granularity' is known to have great mental health benefits. Download the .pdf here and keep it handy on your e-reader. 

*IMPORTANT: These tracks and thesaurus are NO substitute for professional help if that is what you need. 
If you suffer with continual or cycling distress,
PLEASE consult your GP or other mental health professional.
The clips are great for private listening, but again, no substitute for BEING WITH PEOPLE - the most important mental health practice of all.  It's common want to hide in a cupboard until we feel better, when times are tough, and that can be OK for a while - as long as you don't stay in there too long! These clips are to help support you until you feel able to get out there and enjoy company again.

"The meditations are extremely worthwhile, and have given me a lot; many, many thanks!
Today, I was very creative with a piece - something I had not been expecting, but after 'Space to Create', perhaps not a surprise!  I liked the drones too... just the right sounds and level for meditation."

"A solid educational toolkit for people new to these ways of thinking, but not too basic for those adopting these kind of practices already, and a voice of consolidation we sometimes need to progress."

"I have been digesting, loving, enjoying the recordings."

"You have produced real treasures, and your voice is just perfect for it." 

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