'They're' doing great, ergo I'm not

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Ever slide into this kind of thinking?  I still catch myself, sometimes.  The constant bombardment of (apparent) advertising perfection plays a part.  You know, them, forever perfect, with perfect, dazzling teeth.  Always slim, whether eating health food or junk food; still alluring in glasses and/or pyjamas; smiling calmly at calm toddlers. 

Joanna Lumley punctured this in an interview, recalling her modelling days and specific poses she called ‘surprised at fruit’ or even ‘laughing at fruit’.  Brilliant!  We’ve all seen these kinds of shots; they remind us how contrived advertising photography can be and we feel less inadequate when not suckered into the delusion. 

Real life isn’t air brushed of course and it’s far easier when I’m not comparing myself with anyone/everyone else who I assume(how could I possibly know?) is hunky dory/fitter/more confident/more competent, etc., than me.

When I do manage to avoid these unhelpful comparisons, it’s usually because I’m immersed in something that really interests me.  As soon as I direct my thinking somewhere constructive I’m instantly happier.  Boom.