Ten years that changed everything

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Are you in reflective mood? Are you looking back not just over this year, but the last decade? My head spins to think about how much life has changed. It seems so strange now to reflect that back in 2010, the Alexander Technique was not even a speck of a germ of an idea of a possibility in my life. I had no inkling as to how much it would change me by changing my understanding and beliefs about how human movement works.

And then this Alexander business happened in 2011 and the rest, as they say…

Did I go into the training course secretly hoping that if only I worked hard enough and believed hard enough, I would earn myself a miraculous total reversal of hip and knee arthritis? Absolutely! And did this happen? Absolutely not! Because the Alexander Technique cannot and does not promise to cure medical conditions. However, the fact that I was told this repeatedly, in no uncertain terms, made no impact on my vain hopes for several years!

I must admit, my battles with disappointment and grief over loss of mobility and energy were made far worse by my beating myself up for being a burden to my loved ones and a failure for ‘failing’ to ‘cure’ myself. These are the kinds of things some of us do to ourselves, folks!

Having said that, because of what I have learned by studying the Alexander Technique, I have now finally stopped doing this and follow more useful processes instead. At hospital appointments, when I see how other people with arthritis move, I can really appreciate how well I'm doing. Not only have I learned how to get the best from myself and prevent further deterioration rather than surrender to it; now I can continue to improve in mind, body and spirit - something I didn't believe possible ten years ago.

First summer school 2011, with Don Weed. Little did I know then...!

I can now also help others, teaching with compassion and understanding, as I know only too well how difficult it can be to live with debilitating conditions.

I have many wonderful teachers to thank for this total turnaround, especially Simon Gore, my own teacher, and of course the founder and head of training of the ITM Interactive Teaching Method, Dr. Don Weed. Over the next ten years, I will continue to study and introduce the ITM Alexander Technique to as many people as I can so that they too can help themselves to learn and continually improve in all they want to do.

If you are one of my students reading this, I want to thank you with all my heart for teaching me so much and bringing me so much joy. I look forward to continuing to share in some of your journeys. If you not a student but are considering coming along to find out more about how it could help you, I cannot wait to share Mr. Alexander's wonderful work with you. I know you won't regret it. You don't need physical problems like mine to benefit immensely, by the way; thousands of musicians, actors, dancers, sports players and others find it improves their performance wonderfully.

What could the Alexander Technique do for you, in your future, I wonder?

And will we have another ‘Roaring ‘20s’? Who knows?

Whatever else it may bring, I hope the next decade will deliver you much joy, love, light, growth and strength.