Relax at Your Laptop: workshop (max 10)

How many hours a day do you spend at your desktop or laptop? Do you get sore, tense and tired? Do you perhaps ‘seize up’ after a while and stand slowly and stiffly? You’re not alone; many of the world’s billions of computer users have similar problems. 

But there are solutions, and they lie with you yourself. You don’t need to settle for chronic discomfort (and perhaps further health problems down the line).

Book a ‘Relax at Your Laptop’ workshop and discover how you and your colleagues can work in greater comfort and get more out of yourselves at less cost to your health.

The Alexander Technique is a very different way of thinking generally.  Not many of us give much thought to how we think - we just think…  But we’re fascinating, clever and adaptive creatures and your potential for improvement is endless once you start exploring your thinking and seeing things from a different perspective.

What can you expect? New knowledge to take away and apply to everything you do. You’ll make a start in thinking differently, making your own tension go away and stopping it coming back. The more you succeed at this, the more you can work, rest and play comfortably, save energy and be less tired at the end of every day.

You won't get any kind of exercises - in fact, no 'corrective' activities of any kind. The Alexander Technique is not, as many people assume, about 'correct posture' or 'right positions'; but a new way of thinking. Mr. Alexander used to tap his forehead and say, "You know, it all comes from here..." This is something you can carry around and apply to everything you do to make your life easier.

"I feel comfort, sitting at a desk, I didn't know I could feel." – Karen, Business Strategist

You will get a brief introduction to Mr. Alexander, his discoveries and principles and how they are relevant to YOU; a particular look at sitting and working at computers; individual hands-on experience with me which will demonstrate how these general principles can be of real, practical daily help; to see other people experiencing hands-on work which many find a fascinating boost to their own understanding.  In fact, people often ‘get’ what’s happening better by watching others in the ‘hot seat’. While it’s not always easy to ‘feel’ the positive changes you make, it’s often easier to see changes in someone else. This is one reason why group teaching is encouraged in the ITM (Interactive Teaching Method).  Another reason is that it’s more fun and we should have plenty of laughs!

"Frances is an absolutely amazing Alexander Technique practitioner. I recently attended her workshop and it blew me away. I came away feeling wonderful and learnt so much. Thank you so much Frances." – Tara Guthrie, - Hypnotherapist

What attendees have said about this workshop:

"Wow - just experienced Frances' 'Relax at your Laptop' workshop and it has blown my mind! Frances eloquently explained the link between thoughts + movement and how changing the way we think can affect the way we move. Thank you Frances, for your gentle way of guiding, making the session fun, interactive and for bringing some comfort back into my life!! Can't wait to explore this technique further in the future. Highly recommend Frances's workshops" – Sadia, Training Manager

"I've been lucky enough to attend 2 of Frances's workshops - an introduction to Alexander Technique and her Laptop workshop. I've found Frances inspiring and her workshops have given me lots to think about. Not least, how to approach my life with more "ease". Frances communicates so clearly and empathically, you feel completely safe having an Alexander lesson with her, and I am now booking further sessions because I just know this work is going to help me. I totally recommend anyone should have one of her sessions!" – Nicola, GP

Relax at Your Computer including introductory 2.5hrs £35pp without introductory* 1.5hrs £30pp *NB: unavailable without prior introductory workshop

Please check my Special Events page, or contact me to enquire or book now.

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Contact me to enquire or book now.

Tel: 07714 028800