Presenting Your Best Self: workshop (max 10)

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Do you ever have to speak to a group of people, small or large?

Do you ever experience 'stage fright' or 'nerves'?

Do you find your throat tightening, your voice disappearing, your heart racing and your mind struggling to focus on the message?

Your experience CAN be different - easier, successful and yes, even enjoyable...!

This workshop is all about changing the way you approach your activities so you can deliver presentations with greater pleasure and success.

In a safe, comfortable environment and in a small group learn how, by thinking differently, you can stop creating unnecessary tension, enjoy more control and confidence, and improve your performance.

"I attended one of Frances' workshops this morning and really enjoyed it. Frances is a delight to be around! She explains complex issues simply and in a really fun way. I realised how much my brain is involved in the tension in my shoulders and what a lot of energy I use needlessly! I am now looking forward to talking about what I do and delivering more presentations and talks. Thank you."

- Judy, Nutritional Therapist

You can expect

to learn exciting new ideas to take away and apply to everything you do; how to think differently, make your own tension go away and prevent it from coming back.

You will get hands-on experience with me, to demonstrate how Alexander's general principles can be of real, practical daily help. You'll also get to see other people experiencing hands-on work, which many find a fascinating boost to their own understanding.  In fact, people often ‘get’ the principles better by watching others in the ‘hot seat’. While it’s not always easy to ‘feel’ constructive changes you make, it’s often quite plain to see changes in someone else. This is one reason why the ITM (Interactive Teaching Method) encourages group teaching.  Another reason is, it’s fun!

"You have a talent for communicating this work unlike anyone else I’ve ever met." – Nicola, GP

2.5hrs £35pp 1.5hrs £30pp (unavailable without prior introductory) I am happy to discuss tailoring the workshop to your requirements if this is possible.

Please check special events or contact me to enquire and book now.

Tel: 07714 028800