More Important Things...

I had been thinking of writing something about deep spinal stabiliser muscles, for the March blog...

...and then Russia invaded Ukraine, and I can’t stop thinking about what a luxury it is to be able to spend time writing or reading wellbeing blogs at all. It certainly feels less important just now than the basic human rights of people to live peacefully in their own country.

Recently, as I sometimes do, I jotted down a quote (apologies to the author, whose name I didn't add) that seems relevant:

“when I go and visit these countries where kids will be growing up in a family where at least one of the siblings has died of a childhood disease and the parents are scraping money together and living day by day, you kind of think the West’s desire to be endlessly self-absorbed is not very healthy.”

It's an excellent point. But here also is Hamish McRae, in the i newspaper:

“My feeling is that the democracies of the West can appear messy, frivolous, self-indulgent, and so on, and they are all of that. As a result dictators underrate them. But when the West is united and furious, as it is now, it is by far the most powerful force on earth.”

I hope so.

I’m sure you’ll manage waiting a little longer for my take on spinal stabilisers. I’m sure that for some time to come, alongside occasionally wondering how to economise on gas and electricity, your thoughts will be, as mine are, with the people of Ukraine, with the young soldiers unwillingly sent there, and with those whose protests will incur prison sentences of many years. Praying for them, and for better times to come.