Imposter Syndrome...

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

So, this beautiful new website is up and running and it really is super-fancy and impressive. I am so thankful to designer Helen Game, who has done an absolute belter of a job, been a total delight to work with and whom I would recommend to anyone. The site has way more colour, life and movement and is way more interactive than the old one. I even have a new corporate page to direct people to; very grown-up. Helen also rebranded me, so to speak, so even my logo and business cards are more lively and vibrant.

Just one small issue: I’ve been feeling intimidated. Who is that uber-confident-looking, beautifully-coiffed woman in the bright pink shirt?

I’m sure plenty of people would say the site represents me well. Helen went to an enormous amount of trouble to get to know me and my style and to faithfully follow my brief for creating a lively site with real cheer, positivity and oomph.

And oomph it certainly has... but I currently have a bit of a cold, don’t want to put make-up on and am looking particularly grey (and blue and yellow).

In fact, I confess I've been putting off announcing the site to the public at large while I’ve been getting more familiar and comfortable with it. It’s a bit like having a fantastic, smart new haircut which you really do love but feel it’s a bit too glamorous until you're used to it.

“What if my loud shirt puts people off?” “Do I look too confident – cocky, even?” “Is it too posh for me?” "People will say, 'she never has her hair like that'."

I mean really, what am I like?

So, three days from putting this particular blog up on the site, I’ll be telling the social media world about my lovely website. And retiring to a safe distance…

Photo by Janette Edmonds of Beautifully You Photography