"Discouraged as I was...

...I refused to believe that the problem was hopeless.”

So writes FM Alexander in his third book; a considerable way into the long, long (really, very long indeed) process of discovering the cause of his physical difficulties and, step by tortuously gradual step, figuring out processes that would put him on the road to success.

That wonderful sentence shows the extent of Alexander's rare determination and stamina. Few would have kept going the way he did and for as long as he did. It brings to mind Thomas Edison's “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.

Psychology professor Carol Dweck talks about ‘grit’ being a bigger determining factor in success than cleverness. So, success isn't perhaps so much about being a genius (phew) as about having a good strong work ethic.

Passion helps too, of course. Alexander continues, in that same chapter: “I began to see that my findings up till now implied the possibility of the opening up of an entirely new field of enquiry, and I was obsessed with the desire to explore it.”

Have you ever been so passionate about something you’re doing that giving up just isn’t an option - even when you're feeling discouraged?

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