Catching the Eye...

Updated: May 14, 2020

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Soo many thought-provoking wellbeing posts out there vying for your attention, in the great social media department store.

Sometimes, a post might just hit the spot and lift your spirits or help you through a tough moment. Some people have a gift for being witty and entertaining. Others excel at beautiful images or are more serious and earnest in what they write. There are all kinds of flavours of post for all kinds of tastes.

Some posts can seem so irritatingly inane or meaningless to you, you almost feel bad for reacting so negatively and feeling so flooded with cynicism... Yet who knows, the same posts might just be manna from heaven to someone out there.

You'll probably sail past many offerings without even registering them, for all the efforts their creators have made; because no one has time for every single thing that passes under their eyes and we are brilliant at filtering out what doesn't appear relevant to us at first glance. Which is why the business of 'catching the eye' becomes so pressing for business owners.

It’s a massive world marketplace, crammed with many thousands of businesses all ‘yawping’ their wares at passers-by. Unless and until you've built up an audience, perhaps one in every five hundred might have a proper look? And of those, maybe one in five hundred might be motivated to look a little further? 👀

As well as the billions of posts, there are limitless courses about how to garner more likes, engagement, clicks, shares, followers and conversions. Some of those courses and the people who run them might be a great fit for you…

Ultimately, some people will be into what you have to share and others won’t; so if you have something to say, you may as well just find your own voice and enjoy yourself - which will probably give you a better chance at attracting the audience that is meant for you.

What exactly is it that I myself am 'plugging'? You’ll have to take the trouble to check it out!

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