Success Managing Stress: workshop

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

There's no such thing as a life without any stress. We start learning this from the moment our parents first say ‘no’ to us, or another tot swipes that favourite toy from our hand. And it continues - from school exam stress, dealing with our own children’s teenage years, bullying in the workplace or unhappy clients, to major personal catastrophes, both in our own lives and out in the wider world.

But is there any way to cope better than we do? Is there way in which, even if we can’t avoid or resolve conflict, we can learn how to prevent it from creating so much negative impact on our mental and physical wellbeing? 

Stress serves an evolutionary purpose. But how does it work? How can it build up and become harmful to us - and is there anything can we do anything to reduce it and not let it to dominate life?

As a matter of fact, there is. It doesn’t involve instant fixes – very few things worth having do – but during this workshop I will introduce new ideas that could really help you start to change your customary stress responses and realise that you do have some agency over them.

Whatever levels of stress you experience in your life - high, medium, low, or none at all (!) - this workshop is for you. Come and find out more about how well your mind and body actually work together to keep you safe. Learn how you can get off the stress-response not-so-merry-go-round and respond to the stress of conflict situations in different, more constructive ways.

This workshop is divided into several sections: 1. We'll start with five minutes of blissful wind-down.

2. After a quick introduction, we’ll get stuck into learning a few new things about your amazing mind and body and some of the physiological nuts and bolts of stress.

3. We’ll then look at how the Alexander Technique is relevant to stress and how it can help, with some practical lessons.

4. For those of you who wish to do so, we will then explore stressors you may have experienced, in a supportive, safe, 'Alexander' environment and, as a group, help you to reason out how best to handle such stressors, should they occur again.

5. We’ll conclude with some very good news...

"Frances is a great teacher; she creates a warm welcoming environment and allows you to comfortably explore the possibilities open to you with the Alexander Technique. I found the interaction was amazing and the results left me feeling free and flexible, leading to a calmer more confident demeanour. Thank you, Frances." – Janice, Administrator

You will get Hands-on experience with me to demonstrate how Alexander's general principles can be of real, practical daily help. You'll also get to see other people experiencing hands-on work, which many find a fascinating boost to their own understanding.  In fact, people often ‘get’ the principles better by watching others in the ‘hot seat’. While it’s not always easy to ‘feel’ the positive changes you make, it’s often quite plain to see changes in someone else. This is one reason why the ITM (Interactive Teaching Method) encourages group teaching.  Another reason is that it’s more fun in a group - even when it's all about stress!

"You have a talent for communicating this work unlike anyone else I’ve ever met." – Nicola, GP

2.5hrs £35pp 1.5hrs £30pp

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