Talk: Introducing the Alexander Technique

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

The Alexander Technique is a different way of thinking about movement; in fact, a different way of thinking in general.  It is not so much (as many people believe) about 'posture correction', as about ever-greater flexibility in mind and body.  

We are fascinating, clever and adaptive creatures. Our potential for improvement is endless, once we start examining the way we are thinking and looking at things from different perspectives. I am happy to say that my experience bears this out, having come to this work in a state of despair, eight years ago, facing an apparent future of deterioration. Whether you suffer with tension and difficulties with movement, or you would just like to improve your performance, this work is a fascinating field of study, involving "new beliefs in new ways of doing things." (- F.M.Alexander)

In this introductory talk I will present some of the most fundamental concepts underlying the Interactive Teaching Method of the Alexander Technique, and how it can help you to * eliminate and prevent the return of unwanted tension; * learn reasoning skills that lead to your moving with greater ease; and * use the same reasoning skills to improve exponentially at everything you do.

"In this day and age when we all spend so much time in front of a screen both at work and in our leisure time, it is essential that we do so comfortably and without causing ourselves physical problems for the future. Frances’s workshops are an important ingredient to our companies' wellbeing policy.”

- Paul Harris, Managing Director, Ocean Property Services Group.

At the end of this brief introduction to Mr. Alexander, his discoveries and principles and how they are relevant to you, I will invite two or three intrepid volunteers to step up for some hands-on experience with me and demonstrate how these general principles can be of real, practical daily help.

"Your delivery and rapport with us were both delightful. You had a lightness of manner, with a gentle sense of humour and fun, and yet were able to teach us quite a few things in a very short time. Gave me hope!  Not what I’d expected.  People had told me about Alexander Technique but nothing like what you did." - Caroline Many people say that they learn a great deal from watching someone else experiencing hands-on work, and that it really enhances their own understanding.  In fact, people often ‘get’ the principles better by watching others in the ‘hot seat’. While it’s not always easy to ‘feel’ the positive changes you make, it’s often quite plain to see changes in someone else. This is one reason why the ITM (Interactive Teaching Method) encourages group teaching.  Another reason is that it’s more fun with more people.

"You have a talent for communicating this work unlike anyone else I’ve ever met." – Nicola, GP

What attendees have said about me:

"Frances is a great teacher; she creates a warm welcoming environment and allows you to comfortably explore the possibilities open to you with the Alexander Technique. I found the interaction was amazing and the results left me feeling free and flexible, leading to a calmer more confident demeanour. Thank you, Frances." – Janice, Administrator

45 mins - 1hr. £130

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