Adapt and Thrive... doing well with less.

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Unlike all the heroes working harder and ever harder to keep us all safe, many of us have suddenly found ourselves with less to do - or at least, fewer available services out there… and finding out that it’s not necessarily all bad.

Less time travelling, rushing, slogging, shopping, less shop-bought coffee, fewer haircuts, beauty treatments, lunches and dinners out... the list gets longer.

Some of this is inevitably linked with a sudden drop in income, which can be very hard. Some people are struggling to cover mortgage payments or rent and still have enough to eat. In no way is this post written with the intention of undermining or under-appreciating anyone’s difficulties right now.

But even at the less stressful end of the spectrum, many people do seem to be noticing numerous things that don’t seem as essential now as they did before lockdown. In fact, in some cases it’s actually been a relief to go without them. Adjusting, reconfiguring and decluttering is happening in households everywhere.

This is so unlike our usual culture of more, more more - do more, work more, try harder, strive, achieve, so you can buy this, acquire that and definitely not be seen without the other...

So, if some things that had seemed so necessary have turned out to be surplus to requirements, what else might we be better off without?

Is it feasible that some of the ways we’ve been thinking and moving have been getting in the way of our progress, success and happiness? Is it possible that our understanding of what progress, success and happiness are is changing, now?

Exploring these types of questions; examining all possibilities and consciously reasoning out the most helpful responses; these are learnable, improve-able skills. The Alexander Technique excels at helping people to think in new, flexible, adaptable ways. It's about how to work things out for the better; how to adjust, to handle change; how to get the best out of oneself, calmly, in any life circumstance.

You may have heard that the Alexander Technique is about moving with less effort and tension. Of course it is about that, and for those who've experienced it, this already makes it a wonderful, worthwhile field of study. The fact that it also helps improve one's ability to adapt to the strange new circumstances have been thrust upon us all - and not just to survive, but to thrive - puts the Alexander Technique at the forefront of personal evolution.

If you'd like to know more, please feel free to get in touch. You can book a free 15-minute call with me from my homepage. Meanwhile stay safe and I wish you the best in these strange times.