A New Way of Living: introductory workshop

The Alexander Technique is a different way of thinking generally.  Not many of

us give much thought to how we think - we just think.  

But we’re fascinating, clever and adaptive creatures and your potential for improvement is endless once you start exploring your thinking and seeing things from different perspectives.

What can you expect? New knowledge to take away and apply to everything you do. You’ll find yourself starting to think differently about how you can make tension go away - and prevent it from coming back… The more you succeed at doing this this, the more you can work and play comfortably, save energy and be less tired at the end of every day.

"I had no idea what to expect - utterly blown away how gentle, small movements had such a profound effect on my being! Immediately, I felt taller, more open and connected. Best done in a group from my experience - you can actually see the change in others while you feel it in yourself. We all left more relaxed yet stronger and standing in our power, it was truly amazing! Highly recommended."

- Delyth Spikes, Co-Founder, Higgihaus

You won't get any kind of exercises or 'correctives' of any kind. The Alexander Technique is not (as many people assume) about 'correct posture' or 'right positions'. As I’ve said, it’s chiefly a new way of thinking which leads to new ways of moving. Mr. Alexander used to tap his forehead and say, "You know, it all comes from here..." So, this is something you can carry around with you and apply to all your daily activities and make life easier.

"Had an introductory session today and was amazed how different my body felt once becoming more aware of how I hold myself. Pain felt for years in my head and shoulders dissipated. I hadn't realised how much (unnecessary) energy I've been using just to move about day to day until Frances demonstrated how different it could be! I'll definitely be back for more." - Joanna, Life Coach

You will get a brief introduction to Mr. Alexander, his discoveries and principles and how they are relevant to YOU; hands-on experience with me to demonstrate how these general principles can be of real, practical daily help; to see other people experiencing hands-on work, which many find a fascinating boost to their own understanding.  In fact, people often ‘get’ the principles better by watching others in the ‘hot seat’. While it’s not always easy to ‘feel’ the positive changes you make, it’s often quite plain to see changes in someone else. This is one reason why the ITM (Interactive Teaching Method) encourages group teaching.  Another reason is that it’s more fun - we should have plenty of laughs…

"Group sessions allow interaction between liked-minded people who share their experience. It helps with my understanding… by being able to see a person thinking through the process." – Hilary, RHS gardener

And here are what attendees at my workshops have said about me:

"Frances is a great teacher; she creates a warm welcoming environment and allows you to comfortably explore the possibilities open to you with the Alexander Technique. I found the interaction was amazing and the results left me feeling free and flexible, leading to a calmer more confident demeanour. Thank you, Frances." – Janice, Administrator

"You have a talent for communicating this work unlike anyone else I’ve ever met." – Nicola, GP

2.5hrs £35pp 1.5hrs £30pp

Please check my Special Events page, or contact me to enquire or book now.

Tel: 07714 028800

Email: mail@francesbutt.com



Contact me to enquire or book now.

Tel: 07714 028800

Email: mail@francesbutt.com