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Group learning

Alexander Technique Lessons, Bristol, England, UK

A course of group classes

Group learning is a significant feature of the Interactive Teaching Method; it’s a really powerful way to learn, for several reasons.  Learning interactions are multiplied in a group class. 

Seeing other students having turns increases your own understanding.  Sharing what you notice deepens everyone’s understanding.  Groups develop a kind of ‘hive mind’, working things out together. And there’s plenty of laughter in group classes - another great aid to learning.  It's just fun!
Lessons aren’t easy to describe, you'll have to try one to find out; but we work first in simple activities, then those of particular interest you.

Please click below to book a course.

10 x 60-80 min group lessons: £200 pp 

6 x 60-80 min group lessons: £150 pp


Weekly drop-in classes:
Tuesdays 7pm and Thursdays 10am 

In these classes, early lessons involve simple activities like sitting.  Over time, you can explore more varied activities, whether ordinary everyday activities or specialised performances like music or sports.  

There's no lower limit to this class, and the maximum is eight.


Total beginners - please arrive 20 mins early for your introduction. Why not bring a friend?


Bookings taken up to 4pm the day before.


Weekly drop-in class

Alexander Technique lessons, Bristol, UK


Some people prefer to work one-to-one and this is also a great way to learn, by means of discussion and gentle hands-on interactions. We study some of Alexander's key principles and work on activities that interest you.

How about an intensive 10-week course over 3 weeks? Your progress may amaze you...

10 x 30-45min lessons: £280

If you'd like a one-off introductory lesson, or a booster session to go over something in particular, I’m always happy to arrange this.

One-off 30-45 min lesson: £35 

One-to-one lessons

Alexander Technique Lessons, Bristol, England, UK


6 x 30-45min lessons: £190

Private Groups: Corporate wellbeing workshops & classes 

If you would like to book a workshop for colleagues, a team of people or a corporate event, please visit my corporate wellbeing page > 

Or arrange a private group session for a sports team, friends, group or event >


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