One-to-one lessons

Alexander Technique Lessons, Bristol, England, UK

Working one-to-one, by means of discussion and gentle hands-on interactions, is a great way to learn. We study key Alexander principles and work on activities of interest to you.

Courses can run weekly, or you might prefer an intensive 10-week course over 3 weeks.

10 x 30-45min lessons: £280   |   6 x 30-45min lessons: £190

If you'd like a one-off introductory lesson, or a booster session to go over something in particular, I’m always happy to arrange this.

Single 30-45min lesson: £35 

Frances Butt - Alexander Technique Lessons Bristol
Frances Butt Alexander Technique Classes

Weekly drop-in classes

Tuesdays 7pm and Thursdays 10am

Also Bristol-based.  In these experiential-only classes, you'll work 'in activity', starting with simple things like sitting or walking. Over time, we might explore more varied everyday activities or specialised performances like music or sports. 

No lower limit to this class, max six.


Total beginners: please arrive 20 mins early for an introduction. Why not bring a friend? Having someone to talk about the work with really helps with progress.


Bookings taken up to 48hrs before.