May I help you?

Discover the benefits of the Alexander Technique 

Does anything you do, in work, special performance or just in everyday life, seem more difficult than it should?  Would you like to do it more easily and enjoy it more? Do you wish you could be less tense, stiff, sore and tired?
I can help.

Do you wish you had less of that constant or frequent 'edgy' feeling?  Or, is a chronic condition really getting in the way of your ability to enjoy life in general?
I can help here too.

Frances Butt - Thinking and Moving

“Frances is a great teacher; she creates a warm welcoming environment and allows you to comfortably explore the possibilities open to you with the Alexander Technique. I found the interaction was amazing and the results left me feeling free, and flexible leading to a calmer more confident demeanour. Thank you, Frances.”  JC, Accounts Manager

Perhaps your recovery from an injury isn't going as well as you'd hoped.*
Perhaps you’ve tried all kinds of therapies and/or exercise regimes to find a solution; you still have the problem, you’re feeling understandably frustrated and are looking for an alternative. 
Perhaps I can help.

"I couldn’t even walk across the room without it hurting “here, here and here” and within LITERALLY a minute, Frances had me thinking about moving differently and I made the same walk completely pain free!! I was stunned." KN, Photographer

Are you living with a life-limiting chronic condition?
Me too!

Perhaps things have even got so bad that you find yourself staring nothing but a future of deterioration in the face.  I know all too well what that’s like. 
I can definitely help here.


"...just blown away by it all. I look forward to the next few months of learning how to rethink how much energy I am using to (do) simple things and how I might be able to relax more parts of my body and help them to rejuvenate and get stronger instead of getting weaker by always being in a fight position"  VF, Craftswoman

Maybe you'd simply like to find a way to improve at some activity, e.g. music, sports, or gardening.  
I'd be happy to explore that with you.

Unlike any system of exercise, here you can learn about doing less of what gets in your way, rather than adding 'corrective' actions which may sometimes only exacerbate the problem. This means you get more success with less effort.  Who wouldn't want such a common-sense skillset?  Yet it goes against many widely-held beliefs about the value and necessity of 'try harder' and 'no pain no gain', as well as against underlying and limiting personal beliefs.  
I can help. 

"I feel comfort, sitting at a desk, I didn't know I could feel." - KC, Business Strategist

Allow me to help you to work out what your obstacles are and learn reason out solutions for yourself and experience real, lasting, continual improvement. Click here to discover more about the technique and how it works >

*The Alexander Technique can - indirectly - improve your general wellbeing and bring great health benefits, but please, ALWAYS seek primary healthcare for medical issues first.