Corporate wellbeing workshops with Frances Butt

Enjoy the benefits of the Alexander Technique in the workplace

More flexibility, productivity, relaxed confidence

Less tension, fatigue, absenteeism

Are you on top of your game?

Or could tension be adversely affecting your performance, in public speaking, conflict resolution or just sitting working at your computer?  
Allow me to introduce a new way of thinking that helps you get the best from yourself. Learn practical, tangible steps for eliminating unnecessary, unwanted tension. Save energy and face every situation with calm control.

"Frances’s workshops are an important ingredient in our companies' wellbeing policy.”
 Paul Harris, Managing Director, Ocean Property Services Group.

I offer workshops, group and one-to-one classes to all types of business, teams or groups, either at your premises or at off-site venues in and around Bristol and Bath. Learn to help yourself reduce the work-related neck/back/other tension, stress or anxiety that could be hampering your performance. Enjoy being at your most productive and enjoy more success in everything you do. You can book events according to your business’s particular needs and interests, as one-offs or in series, covering activities and issues you tackle in and outside of work.
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'Straight' lunchtime group class 
1 hour: £30pp

Lunchtime one-to-one lesson
30-45 minutes: £35


“I recently attended a workshop with Frances Butt, and I'm now completely fascinated with Alexander technique. Frances is empathic and such a good teacher, and so fun to learn with! I would completely recommend her workshops as a great way to get started and make small changes that have a significant impact on your life.”  NH, GP & Self-Compassion Coach

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"I feel comfort, sitting at a desk, that I didn't know I could feel... Fear of pain prevented me from standing up on both feet for years. Now I can." - Karen Cook, Plan and Grow 

After our morning with her I am just completely amazed by it. 100% recommend Frances. I look forward to finding out more again soon 

– Lindsey Green, Digital Diva

“The Relax at your Laptop Workshop has proven to be really popular with so many members of my team. In this day and age when we all spend so much time in front of a screen both at work and in our leisure time, it is essential that we do so comfortably and without causing ourselves physical problems for the future. Paul Harris, Managing Director, Ocean Property Services Group.



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Alexander Technique events for sports teams, friends, bands and groups
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