Frequently asked questions

More info about learning Alexander Technique

How many lessons do I need, and how often?

This depends entirely on you and your needs. AT can take the same kind of commitment that people often give yoga or martial arts. We all love the idea of a 'quick fix', understandably; but this is about continual, life-long improvement. So, a course of at least 10 lessons is the very best start and will cover Alexander's main principles and concepts. A series of 6 weekly lessons will still constitute a pretty decent start, however, and you can decide after that whether it's for you and you want to continue.
The advertising slogan for the board game Othello is, "A minute to learn, a lifetime to master." So it is with the Alexander Technique; the longer you learn the more you improve. I certainly still have lessons and derive enormous value from them.

What happens in a lesson?

We always work 'in activity' - everyday things you do without usually giving much thought to. Even the simplest activities like sitting, getting up out of a chair and sitting back down again can be done more easily, with less tension. We might then move on to walking and other things you might do every day, e.g. driving, sitting at a laptop, writing, washing up, gardening, cycling, playing tennis or an instrument - you name it, we can make a lesson experience for it and come at it afresh - you might feel a bit like a kid again, it's fun!

Which are better, one-to-one or group classes?

Group classes are popular because:
having and seeing more kinds of interactions per session accelerates your learning;
seeing how others move and change accelerates your learning;
you have good laughs in group class which is also good for learning!
One-to-one lessons are also truly excellent, however, and some people understandably prefer to learn 'out of the gaze' of others.

Do I need to wear anything special or bring anything?

No special clothes are needed. After the first few lessons, if you wish to choose an activity that involves bringing something, for example a musical instrument or sports racket, you are very welcome to bring it along.

Please do contact me if you have any further questions, or wish to try a free initial consultation