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Over the years I have worked in film and TV production, screen composition, songwriting and performing.  In my early forties, the onset of osteo-arthritis led to a hip replacement, and I’m still fending off knee replacements.  

A friend urged me to try the Alexander Technique.  I was so impressed after lessons with Simon Gore and an ITM Summer Workshop that I signed up to train as a teacher with Don Weed D.C.  My life has changed immeasurably for the better and my health continues to improve.

The transformations I have experienced and continue to experience in myself, and those I frequently witness in other people, are truly amazing. 

Alexander Technique Teacher, Bristol, UK

About me - Frances Butt ITM

I no longer get the frequent cricks in the neck that I used to; nor do I regularly 'go over' on my ankles. I'll never be Ginger Rogers, but I manage my arthritis to such a degree that no-one would guess, by looking at me, that I have any. Indeed, I'm often not taken seriously by doctors because I move ‘too well’ (a mixed blessing, but I'll take it).  My thinking is more measured and well-directed and I enjoy far greater confidence in my own powers of reasoning and judgment than I ever did before.

I am particularly fascinated in the ratio of (any given) "condition" to "response to condition”.  
You can't always control what comes at you in life; but the Alexander Technique offers a mighty arsenal of mental tools and skills that give you far greater control over your circumstances.  My admiration, wonder at and passion for this work just keeps on expanding.


I am happily married to Bill and have two wonderful grown-up children.  I still enjoy writing and making music, and I love gardening.

"I didn't know what to expect from this technique, but I was desperate to find something that could help me after being in a car accident that twisted my pelvis and not finding enough of a solution with the usual physio/chiropractic treatment. Frances explained everything beautifully and has such a calming manner… she managed to get me thinking about the way I move differently resulting in me crossing the room ...feeling lighter and freer… nothing short of miraculous. I've been raving about her to everyone that will listen, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Whether you are looking for a solution to a problem or looking to to improve the efficiency of how you use your body, Frances will be able to help. She's wonderful."

KN, Professional photographer