About me

I have two passions to share: empathic self-care and all things arts.

I’ve worn many hats and hairstyles over five decades, working in TV commercials, pop promos, wildlife film composition, singing, song-writing, screenwriting and playwriting.  
Health issues drove me to study then train to teach AT, which I love doing.
Further emotional health training broadened my skillset yet further, leading me to create The Thinking Toolbox emotional self-care package (coming spring 2022).


Check out my podcast, Emotipod, for many excellent conversations with artists.  

I love embarking on a voyage of discovery with clients, & seeing the pennies drop for them as they did & still do for me.


You can't always control what life deals you; but you can build an arsenal of mental tools and skills to help you respond in the best possible way to it. So, my work is about sharing ways of thinking more effectively and moving more easily; building self-care capabilities that help you flourish, grow, and be open to new possibilities.


I am happily married to Bill and have two wonderful grown-up children. As well as podcasting I enjoy making music, being with family and friends, reading and gardening.

Frances is an empathic and wonderful teacher. She makes me think and question, and helps me reach the answers myself, with gentle prompting both by speech and touch.

- Hilary, RHS Gardener