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Alexander Technique Teacher, Bristol, UK

Over the years I've worked in film and TV production, screen composition, songwriting, playwriting and performing.  

Early-onset osteoarthritis led to a new hip and then new knees...

I was looking for ways to help myself and a friend urged me to try the Alexander Technique.  I was so impressed after lessons with Simon Gore that I signed up to train as an ITM teacher. What I have learned and now teach continues to help me do far better than I ever could without it.  Eight years' training have furnished me with excellent skills, for teaching, for researching all the latest ins and outs of living with chronic conditions, and for life in general. I am now passionate to support and share the knowledge and useful tools that help me so much.

Some of the transformations I have experienced in myself and witnessed in other people have been truly amazing. 

I no longer get the regular cricks in the neck I used to; nor do I 'go over' on my ankles. I'll never be Ginger Rogers; but I manage my arthritis to such a degree that few would guess from looking at me that I have it. In fact, I'm often not taken seriously by doctors because I move ‘too well’ (a mixed blessing, but I'll take that). My thinking is better directed and I enjoy ever greater confidence in my own powers of reasoning and judgment.

I am particularly fascinated in the ratio of (any given) "condition" to "response to condition”. You can't always control what comes at you in life; but you can build an arsenal of mental tools and skills that give you greater control over your your response to your circumstances. My admiration for Alexander's work continues to grow as I myself continue to grow and improve.


I am happily married to Bill and have two wonderful grown-up children. I still enjoy writing and making music and I love gardening.

"Lessons with Frances teaching the Alexander Technique have been a revelation to me. I highly recommend Frances and the ITM teaching method. This is the most fun I have had in learning. I am now a student for life. This is a tool kit for your emotional and physical wellbeing, so... don't delay, go see Frances."   Ann-Marie, Nurse

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