About me

Over the years I've worked in film and TV production, screen composition, songwriting, playwriting and performing.  

Scoliosis and early-onset osteoarthritis led to a new hip - and then new knees!  Seeking ways to help myself, I started Alexander Technique lessons and was so impressed I trained as a teacher.  It helps me to move far better than I ever could without it. 8 years' AT training and a year's further training in emotions have furnished me with excellent skills for teaching, and for life in general. I'm always delighted to share some of the useful knowledge and tools I have learned, if they may be of help to you.

I love embarking on a voyage of discovery with clients, & seeing the pennies drop for them as they did (& still do) for me.

Hat stand lesson_edited.png

I'm often not taken seriously by doctors because I move ‘too well’ (a mixed blessing, but I'll take it). My thinking is better directed, and I enjoy more confidence in my powers of reasoning and judgment.

You can't always control what life deals you; but you can build an arsenal of mental tools and skills to help you respond in the best possible way to it. So, what I teach isn't just about moving more easily - although being able to do that is of course wonderful.  We're talking about ways of continually developing, growing, expanding, opening up to possibilities...


I am happily married to Bill and have two wonderful grown-up children. I still enjoy writing, making music and podcasting, and I love gardening.

"Lessons with Frances teaching the Alexander Technique have been a revelation to me. I highly recommend Frances and the ITM teaching method. This is the most fun I have had in learning. I am now a student for life. This is a tool kit for your emotional and physical wellbeing, so... don't delay, go see Frances."   - Ann-Marie, Nurse