Five Minutes from Frances - Knee Twinges on the Stairs

Five Minutes from Frances - Knee Twinges on the Stairs


Thanks to Karen for this question.
So you’re going downstairs and one or both of your knees says ouch.

1: If you’ve had the problem a while, please get it checked out by a primary healthcare practitioner; never leave joint problems indefinitely.  You may need referring for X-rays or physiotherapy.
2: Question: are you moving weirdly in response to an issue… or might continuing to move weirdly have delayed recovery?

3: Before descending the stairs, stop a second to consider: did fear of twinges mean you ‘braced’ yourself a bit?  Our natural response to pain or anticipation of pain is to contract muscles. This further compresses the joint, putting even more pressure through it.

Try this:
Think about your head in relation with your body. 
Imagine everything between the two softening and relaxing, so your head is kind of floating upwards. 
Keep this relaxed, floaty idea going as you lightly step down a couple of stairs. 
How did that go?  Try a couple more. 
If the anxiety about pain starts kicking in, stop, and ease up again before continuing. 

I do this a lot on the stairs.  Though it doesn’t eliminate my arthritic pain altogether, it really helps keep it to a minimum.
Hope that helps a bit. Please let me know how you get on. Feel free to ask further questions or suggest another activity you’d like to look at.  Click here to ask, or to book a lesson:
Caveat: Alexander Technique does not address specific issues directly but works on a general principle, and at root causes.  Specifics are often resolved indirectly, with more lasting results. 
Please feel free to ask me more about this.

But it can never hurt to give some thought to how you're doing what you’re doing!

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